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monthly Maitenence Plan

  • Remove Temporary Files

  • Protect your System from Viruses and Malware

  • Remove Unauthorized Software

  • Check Daily Backups

  • Update Firmware on Printers, Routers, & PC

Data transfer & backup

  • Transfer Valuable Files, Data, and System Configurations From one Computer to Another

  • Daily Backup to USB Drive, Network Drive, or Cloud

  • Keep Backup for Each Day of the Week


  • Hard Drive Replacement

  • Memory Upgrades

  • Driver Upgrades


  • VPN Connection

  • Peripherals: Printers, Scanners etc.

  • Shared Data Files and Internet Connections

  • Remote Desktop Access

Software installation

  • Install and Manage Software

  • Install Software Updates

  • Install Microsoft Security Updates


  • Restore Data from Most Recent Backup

  • Recover Data that was Accidentally Deleted

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